Acrobat Home

Feb-Sep 2020 • Adobe • Sr Experience Designer


Our focused user group‘s primary intent is hard to be achieved on current Home. So, the goal is to provide Acorbat Home experience for small team users to achieve their primary goals as quickly as possible.

For whom

Small size teams who handles various type of e-sign documents work like contract, proposal & approval documents.

Collaboration Journey
Cross-Design Collaboration
I have been leading the design team and collaborating with several stakeholders as a lead UX designer in charge of UX for Home by collaborating with designers on Adobe Sign side to complete the Signature workflow.
UX Research Sprint
Throughout the design & research sprint, several questions and hypotheses I’ve brought up are tested and validated with a user research team then, I quickly iterated the prototypes and reflected feedbacks to design from the interviews.
2 Product, 3 Engineering
Since this effort initiated to provide a new feature to a product, we have collaborated with both product teams and utilized data from both products. In the latter part of the process, I have worked closely with engineering teams to complete and refine the build as device, browser & locale optimized experience.

Experience Goal

Guide users to quickly achieve their primary intents

Simplify Home experience

Help users to understand what they can utilize Acrobat

I need a persistent place to start my workflow.

I like the primary button for me to complete my initial goal, requesting signatures.

I appreciate that there is the ability to learn about Acrobat.

Research & Design Sprint

I teamed up with a User Researcher and started research & design sprints in order to have the best UX solutions in the relatively tight release schedule. We interviewed the prospective user group, existing Adobe Sign user groups so that we understand the broad spectrum of users as well as validate our questions and hypothesis with them. Both user groups are office workers who work with or run small-medium businesses. Here are the domain feedbacks we implemented to this release:

Initial Sketches

Idea a.

Primary action as document-first upload button & sign funnel users’ primary goal

Secondary UI as learning cards

Idea b.
Primary action as Sign funnel users’ primary goal

Secondary UI as recommended tools and learning materials

Idea c.
Primary action as important task but less discoverable task

Secondary UI as recommended tools

Comparison Before & After Released

              Previous Acrobat Online, 2019

      Released Acrobat Online, 2020

Three Highlights.


One. Action-Oriented Banner
The Home banner provides the primary action items. Based on our research sprint, we have learned that users who purchase Sign included plans are having a strong intention to send documents for signature to others. The action card and welcome banner have been simplified and prioritized among UIs on Home.

These enhancements are mapped to our plan Provide One. Adobe Sign Features & Two. Simplify Home experience.

Two. Progressed Contents
The improvements will be further refined with our technology. However, this was an initial step to solve Three. Enhance onboarding experience and Four. Increase the usability of the Recent area.

First time user

After the first time use of the Signature tool
Once banner collapsed by the user,
next session default

Advanced recommendations (future idea)

Advanced customization (future idea)

Learning contents available to see Acorbat’s capability


In-product dialog to learn/discover Acrobat
(Planned for next quarter)

Three. Simplified UI
Even though it requires more steps to improve the navigation experience, we improved a few by simplifying duplicated CTA and grouping features in relevant categories. We are going to further simplify the top menus by validating with user testing and research and with the plans from other touchpoints and the sibling products.

Released Prototype.Please feel free to interact with the prototype below.

Next Steps.
It has been a fun and enlightening journey. Hopefully, more enhancement follows for our user groups. Our ultimate goal of Acrobat Online is to provide a further optimized experience for all levels/types of users.