Contents Management, Beta

2017 • Adobe • Experience Designer

Project Scope

As a part of building a new core contents management system, we planned to include an approval flow management feature

Targeted User

As a team that should create marketing content to promote products and services, the users could manage content, create workflows within the team. This product is for this type of collaboration which requires a large scale of team and marketing strategy.
My Role

My UX design contruibution to this project was to provide experience and interfaces for Approval flow management, tag managements, sharing architecture and importing workflows. I have closely collaborated with the lead designer who created the Content Library framework.

Throughout the project, I was working with 2 product managers for 2 features. I teamed up with 2 engineerers to the experience built properly.

Collaborate in Team
As a content management team, we could collaboratively work with content on our shared content library.

Levels & Types of User

Admin’s Experience

Editor’s Experience

Viewer’s Experience

Import Contents

Users could source files from multiple 3rd party apps. Some files require logins, others require achieving rights to use.

Start the import from the import button.
Select an app to source files.
log into the sourcing app.

Select files in-product dialog from the sourcing app.
Select where to import selected files.
Check the importing status in the library.

Import Flows

I provided a map to see comprehensive workflows for various sourcing apps.

Content Right Request

Contents managers should get rights for campaign and marketing to use social/public contents by public users.

The users request rights with templates and a few adjustments or start from scratch.

Set up & Manage Templates

Click the screens to see next flow.

Request Rights by using the Templates

Next Steps

The team has many priority items for the content management frameworks. Once the content library framework is ready, the related features like approval flow managements and right request management will get implemented as a beta. 


If I’m coming back to the project, I would focus more on user testing as much as I can by actively recruiting internal users or running on testing tools in order to validate our questions.