Case Study with Broken Bicycles

Research Parameter
what– 20 broken-looking bicycles
where– Lower East Side, Manhattan
when– Nov 2012~Jan 2013

Stolen Bike by Time Elapse
The bike has been interesting because shows
how popular components are stolen by time elapsing.

Research Constituents (Fact: Reason I’ve documented)
Approximate address: Because of tracking-purpose, we record address which the bike has been found
What is linking to the bike: Because of tracking, reconfirming & identifying bike comparing to last research
Missing elements: To track status of the bike to see if elements had kept being stolen
How much the bike is broken: To estimate repair cost, to give detail for the owner, and to tracking bikes’ status

Limitation I've Met with the Research

1. All components of bike have been stolen except
for body frame, since body is locked
2. It is hard to tell if a bike has been stolen or
taken out by original owner
3. Many bikes have been completely gone in 1 weeks,
although they had been missing lots of components
4. Bikes are stolen so quicker than I had thought

Finding Solutions

How to Gather Broken Bikes?
1. Track ‘find bike note’ & ‘find bike app’
2. Take donation
3. Get reported annoying bikes
4. Connect with local universities & schools

Solution 1. Find Abandoned Bike App
Function: actively social participation, tracking abandoned bikes
∞It provides social networking service.
∞How to: take a photo of a bike you think it is abandoned/broken on the street and upload it on the app–
the more bike photos you share, the more badges & rewards you will get.

Solution 2. Find Abandoned Bike Note
Function: Notice & Informational
∞If the hanger stays for a while, the owner give up to take the bike back and repair.
∞If the hanger or has been gone, we assume that owner take the bike. We glad that we gave a detail on how to repair the broken bike.